Prospects for the Metal processing industry in Automotive manufacturing

  • DELI
  • 03-11-2023
  • 77

With the application of artificial intelligence and big data technology in the automobile manufacturing industry, the speed of automobile modification and replacement is accelerating, and the competition among automobile manufacturers has become more intense. Only by continuously shortening the development cycle and launching new models in a timely manner can automobile manufacturers improve their market competitiveness. The key link in the development and development of new models lies in the research and development and trial production of automobile parts. Since the trial production of auto parts is a single-piece, small-batch production with complex shapes, the original traditional methods such as casting and machining cannot meet the needs of trial production of parts due to long production cycles, high costs, and low precision . With the popularity of five-axis CNC machine tools in the manufacturing industry, they have been widely used in the field of automobile manufacturing, which is of great significance for shortening the trial production time of automobile parts and improving processing accuracy.

With the continuous innovation of technology and the improvement of intelligence level, the metal processing industry is ushering in broader development prospects. Enterprises can mainly focus on the following aspects.

(1) Strengthen innovation and research and development: Encourage enterprises to increase investment in research and development and promote the application of new technologies and new processes. At the same time, we will cultivate professional talents and promote the integration of innovative culture.

(2) Promote the application of smart equipment and encourage enterprises to introduce and use smart equipment to improve production efficiency and product quality. Gradually realize digital and automated production lines to improve production capacity and flexibility.

(3) Data analysis and decision support: Strengthen data collection, storage and analysis capabilities, and use big data and artificial intelligence technology to monitor and optimize the production process. Carry out refined management and decision support based on data analysis results.

(4) Promote cooperation and communication: Encourage cooperation and exchanges between enterprises to jointly solve technical problems and promote industry development. Establish close cooperative relationships with scientific research institutions, universities, etc. to jointly carry out technical research and talent training.