CNC Five-axis Machining Center Creates The High-end Tools Market

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  • 14-12-2022
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With the German Industry 4.0, the American Industrial Internet, and China’s 2025 strategic deployment, it is profoundly affecting the global industrial layout. Many industries have gradually entered the era of intelligent production. Especially with the maturity of processing technology, the milling application of double-swing head five-axis machining centers has become increasingly widespread, and it can be seen in the mold industry, auto parts industry, aviation field, power system, etc. However, the five-axis equipment market has been dominated by Japanese and European systems in recent years, such as Okuma of Japan, Nippon Seiki of Japan, Fidelia of Italy, Demaggi and Hammer of Germany, etc., especially the linkage double-swing head equipment is completely dependent on Imports, the domestic market is almost blank.

According to reports, there are three main reasons for the increase in domestic five-axis CNC machine tools this year: First, downstream customers have their own needs for equipment upgrades; second, as the domestic supporting industry chain matures, the gap with overseas manufacturers is constantly narrowing, and domestic equipment is more cost-effective; The third is that the equipment procurement cycle of foreign manufacturers is prolonged, and many customers can’t afford to wait, and instead look for domestic suppliers to cooperate with them. According to the analysis of securities companies, multi-axis linkage is the future development trend, and the accelerated cost reduction of domestic enterprises will continue to increase the penetration rate of five axes.

What are the seven advantages of a five-axis machining center?

1. It is suitable for processing complex special-shaped parts. Five-axis machining centers can process complex parts that are difficult or basically impossible to process with ordinary machining centers, so they are widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, mold and other processing industries.

2. High precision processing. The five-axis machining center is to analyze the size of the material through five-axis positioning to complete the inspection, so the accuracy of the five-axis vertical machining center is higher than that of the ordinary machining center.

3. The processing is firm and firm. Proficient in computers, eliminating human errors, the parts have good consistency in processing and firm quality.

4. High flexibility. When dealing with object conversion, it generally only needs to change the NC sequence, which shows good adaptability and can save a lot of time for production. Based on the five-axis machining center, a highly flexible automated production system can be formed.

5. High efficiency. The five-axis machining center has high machining accuracy and high bed rigidity, and can automatically select the processing volume and productivity of the five-axis machining center. The height is generally 3-5 times that of ordinary machining centers, and it can handle the processing of some complex parts, which can be increased by ten times or even dozens of times.

6. Good production conditions. The degree of automation is high, the work intensity of the operator is greatly reduced, and the working environment is better.

7. Facilitate management. The use of a five-axis machining center is conducive to mastering and managing production and creating conditions for the automation of the production process.





What are the application functions of the five-axis machining center?

1. The main machine adopts gantry type, wide bed and wide heating structure, which ensures the stability of the machine tool. After tempering twice, the whole machine has excellent system rigidity, stability, shock absorption and grip ability.

2. The main shaft adopts dual-axis hydraulic balance control to ensure the stability of the main shaft movement. Four guide rails in the X direction and three guide rails in the Y direction effectively increase the weight of the table, improve the overall rigidity of the machine tool, and also improve the wear resistance and service life of the axis machining center.

3. Imported high-rigidity ball screw adopts multi-point hydraulic support structure to ensure the straightness of the screw and prevent protrusion. Therefore, fast movement and cutting speed can be realized, and it is a high-speed and high-precision machining center.

4. Imported high-speed encoder synchronous servo spindle. The imported encoder not only guarantees the accuracy, but also realizes high-speed and low-speed cutting, tapping and boring. The spindle is equipped with an overload protection module to ensure the service life of the spindle in an unstable electrical environment, effectively reduce the failure rate, and greatly improve the overall performance of the machine.

5. Five-axis machining center with fully enclosed electric cabinet, equipped with air circulation function and high-power electric cabinet air conditioner, with functions of dust prevention, oil mist prevention, cooling and drying, etc. It can effectively prevent the aging of equipment and lines, and improve the utilization rate of machine tools.

Downstream demand upgrades, manufacturers have more orders

“Last year, the company’s five-axis machine tool shipments were only 64 units. In the first three quarters of this year, the shipments have exceeded more than 90 units, and there are more than 100 orders in hand. It has maintained a high growth rate since October.” A domestic company The relevant person in charge of the company involved in the five-axis CNC machine tool business disclosed to the reporter of the Financial Associated Press.

“The repurchase rate of the company’s complete machine has reached more than 40%. The increase in orders this year is mainly due to the increase in demand for five-axis linkage CNC machine tools.” A well-known person from the CNC Securities Department told a reporter from the Financial Associated Press that on the one hand, the autonomy rate in the aerospace field is increasing. , the demand for five-axis machine tools will increase; on the other hand, with the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the automotive field has entered a transitional stage of three-axis and five-axis, and new energy vehicles will also bring new demands for five-axis machine tools. In the first half of the year, the company launched three new production lines, and the production capacity will increase significantly after the layout is completed.

Deli CNC planned a production capacity of 50 units last year, and the latest plan adds 200-300 units of production capacity in 2024-2025. The company’s various types of machine tool equipment are equipped with key functional components such as high-end CNC systems, servo drives, motors, electric spindles, swing heads, and turntables independently developed by the company. The company’s CNC system is benchmarked against Siemens 840D, and the price of five-axis machine tools is about 1/2 to 2/3 of the price of foreign comparable products.



In the field of new energy vehicle processing, the starting point gap between domestic five-axis CNC machine tool manufacturers and imported brands is not large. Domestic manufacturers have obvious advantages in local service, quick response and high cost performance. The vertical five-axis linkage machining center currently being developed by the company is mainly aimed at the processing fields such as sub-frames of new energy vehicles, and is expected to be introduced to the market in 2023. Deli five-axis CNC machining center can be applied to the processing of new energy auto parts such as battery trays, bumpers, and sub-frames. Deli CNC Company has five-axis linkage vertical machining centers and five-axis linkage gantry machining centers. In the future, according to the application scenarios of different industries, the sales volume of five-axis linkage machine tools will be increased.


Self-made rate increased, replacement in progress

Machine tools are mainly composed of basic components, spindle components, feed mechanisms, numerical control systems, auxiliary devices, etc. Five-axis linkage machine tools are widely used in high-end manufacturing industries. According to QY Research data, five-axis machine tools are widely used in aerospace, automotive, and military industries. Sales accounted for 39.9%/24.3%/13.3% respectively. The domestic high-end machine tool market is mainly monopolized by overseas companies, and the localization rate of five-axis machine tools is still below 10%.

Domestic manufacturers are increasing the layout of the five-axis industry. On the one hand, due to the increase in the proportion of high-end manufacturing industries, the demand for superimposed domestic industrial chains is becoming more and more perfect, accelerating cost reduction and promoting five-axis machine tools to replace three-axis machine tools. On the other hand, affected by the global epidemic, imported machine tools have been hindered in terms of order delivery, technical and after-sales personnel flow and service, making domestic machine tools more trial opportunities for domestic downstream customers.

“At present, there are not many companies in China that can actually produce five-axis machine tools. Judging from the company’s orders in hand and communication with industry experts, we judge that this year may be just a warm-up of the market. Next year or the year after, this piece of incremental There will continue to be new high breakthroughs. Downstream buyers will still consider the issue of cost performance.” The insiders of the above-mentioned CNC machine tool manufacturers believe. Compared with the three-axis machine tool, the five-axis machine tool mainly adds/upgrades the five-axis CNC system, swing head, turntable and other components. In the future, the demand for high-end CNC systems will be greater. Deli Company has entered different stages of trial production, testing, packaging and small batch production of core components such as increased torque motorized spindle, five-axis automatic head, double-sided head, and extension head.


Deli gantry high-precision high-speed gantry machining center-MD

This machine is exclusively researched and developed by our company, and it is mainly used in aluminum processing industries such as automotive new energy, aerospace, rail transit, etc. Adopt German Siemens 840D CNC system, friendly man-machine interface, easy operation of equipment, five-axis five-linkage with RTCP function. Professional CNC processing software, realize 3D programming and processing, and truly realize what you see. The T-shape combined with the large-format table can quickly and efficiently clamp materials. Imported high-precision ball screw, guide rail, rack and pinion are used to ensure the stability of the machine tool. High-speed, high-torque, and automatic tool-changing electric spindles ensure high-precision machining. The gantry-type double-drive movement is equipped with a 24-station capacity tool magazine to ensure high-efficiency processing of the equipment.

To provide Chinese people with their own intelligent solutions and create Chinese people’s own CNC technology has always been the development purpose of Deli CNC since its establishment in 2010. As a high-tech enterprise with the spirit of ingenuity, according to years of numerical control research and development technology precipitation and exploration research, the double pendulum five-axis head has obtained the national research and development patent certificate. This is a five-axis linkage double swing head with high rigidity, high torque, high precision and small size. With the application and promotion of the market, it has been widely used in aerospace, rail transit, ships, yachts, mold manufacturing, teaching and scientific research and other industries and fields, filling the gap in the domestic market and effectively improving China’s R&D productivity.


Five-axis machining center for aluminum profiles

The biggest advantage of the equipment: the equipment does not need to return to the origin; it can be used for thick cutting water cooling cycle; the breakpoint can be directly continued to process, so that the performance of the milling machine is stable; Parts are compensated, in the process of high-speed processing, the surface of the product can be smooth after processing, and the high quality requirements of customers’ products can be truly realized; automatic chip conveyor; fully enclosed and sealed processing, to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the processing periphery and the safety of personnel.



Auto parts processing center

Years of practical application, customers’ personal experience, plus Deli CNC has set up factories in Guangzhou, Foshan, Sanshui, and Zhaoqing respectively, and the production capacity has continued to increase. At present, China’s five-axis CNC machine tools are not comparable in terms of production efficiency and production accuracy. Imported machine tools are poor, and the after-sales service is more timely, and the response to technical support and troubleshooting is faster. But for the same machine tool equipment, imported machine tools are several times more expensive than domestic ones. Therefore, customers can give priority to domestic machine tools when choosing equipment. The equipment performance, process solutions and one-stop service we provide have more advantages and can greatly reduce procurement costs.