• Metal processing industry in Automotive manufacturing

    The prospects for the metal processing industry in automotive manufacturing are quite promising. With the increasing demand for automobiles worldwide, there is a continual need for metal processing to manufacture various components and parts. One of the key factors driving the growth of the metal processing industry in automotive manufacturing [...]
    DELI 05-12-2023 50
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  • Prospects for the Metal processing industry in Automotive manufacturing

    With the application of artificial intelligence and big data technology in the automobile manufacturing industry, the speed of automobile modification and replacement is accelerating, and the competition among automobile manufacturers has become more intense. Only by continuously shortening the development cycle and launching new models in a timely manner can [...]
    DELI 03-11-2023 47
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  • Industry Observation丨Many Chinese new energy vehicle industry chain companies have received capital investment from the Middle East

    China’s new energy vehicle production and sales have ranked first in the world for eight consecutive years and are still growing this year. According to data from the China Automobile Association, in the first three quarters of 2023, new energy vehicle production was 6.313 million units, a year-on-year increase of [...]
    DELI 31-10-2023 68
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  • Explore new development trends in the Metal Processing industry

    The metal processing industry continues to grow, especially in sheet metal processing. The industry’s growth is in line with growth in related industries such as manufacturing, construction, aerospace, automotive, electronics, food processing and telecommunications. At the same time, the application of modern manufacturing technologies including robots, automation systems and the [...]
    DELI 20-10-2023 74
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  • Enlightenment of changes in the automobile industry on the machine tool industry

    The world’s automobile industry is entering a period of change that only occurs once in a century. Against the background of increasingly stringent environmental protection regulations in various countries and regions around the world, vehicle companies and parts companies are working hard to introduce models with high environmental performance. Companies [...]
    DELI 17-10-2023 71
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  • How Does 5 Axis CNC Machining Technology Change Automobile And Aviation Manufacturing?

    What Will 5 Axis CNC Machining Technology Change Auto And Aviation Manufacturing? The processing process completed by CNC machine tools has incomparable characteristics of ordinary machine tools, such as greatly improving productivity, higher machining accuracy and automation, etc. With the rapid development of industries such as automobiles, aerospace, aviation, and [...]
    DELI 06-03-2023 143
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  • CNC Five-axis Machining Center Creates The High-end Tools Market

    With the German Industry 4.0, the American Industrial Internet, and China’s 2025 strategic deployment, it is profoundly affecting the global industrial layout. Many industries have gradually entered the era of intelligent production. Especially with the maturity of processing technology, the milling application of double-swing head five-axis machining centers has become [...]
    DELI 14-12-2022 240
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  • What Is CNC Machining Center Equipment ?

    Deli CNC is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing and service, and a mechanical equipment manufacturer with moving column machining center as its core. With the mission of “not forgetting the original intention, adhering to quality, craftsman spirit, and industrial power”, manufacturing high-end machine tools is used [...]
    DELI 22-11-2022 149
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  • Deli CNC Warmly Welcomes the Exchange Group of Guangdong Door and Window Association to Visit and Exchange

    Deli CNC warmly welcomes the exchange group of Guangdong Door and Window Association to visit and exchange. Recently, Deli CNC had the honor to invite an exchange group composed of nearly dozens of Guangdong Window and Door Association member companies led by Hu Zhenxian, the chairman of the Supply Chain [...]
    DELI 23-09-2022 401
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