How Does 5 Axis CNC Machining Technology Change Automobile And Aviation Manufacturing?

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  • 06-03-2023
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What Will 5 Axis CNC Machining Technology Change Auto And Aviation Manufacturing?

The processing process completed by CNC machine tools has incomparable characteristics of ordinary machine tools, such as greatly improving productivity, higher machining accuracy and automation, etc. With the rapid development of industries such as automobiles, aerospace, aviation, and national defense, and new materials such as aluminum alloys The application of CNC machine tools is getting higher and higher. At present, the development of CNC machine tools is changing with each passing day, and high-speed, high-precision, compound, and intelligent have become the trend and direction of CNC machine tool development.

As a big manufacturing country in my country, there is still a certain gap between the CNC industry and developed countries. Five-axis CNC machine tools with high speed, high precision and high surface quality are relatively popular equipment in developed countries, and they are rapidly developing in the Chinese market in recent years. With the development of five-axis CNC machining technology today, its machining quality, efficiency and stability can fully meet the requirements of product production. Its processed products are also widely used in different industries such as rail transit, aerospace, automobiles, molds, wind power, new energy, and new materials, among which automobiles and aviation are an important sector. Let’s find out how the products manufactured by the five-axis linkage machine tool are widely used in the automotive and aviation fields!

Part One#Car Details

In the field of automobile processing, as a leading manufacturer of high-end five-axis CNC machining centers, Italia Technology has provided processing equipment for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and other well-known automobile brands, and has mature automobile processing solutions.

1. Mold Part

Many automobile body sheet metal parts require stamping dies, and due to the need for accessories to be spliced together, the precision requirements are high. In traditional mold processing, three-axis machining centers are commonly used to complete the milling of workpieces. The upgrade to five-axis can reduce the cost on the one hand, and improve the machining accuracy on the other hand.

Five-axis is the option to reduce costs

① One-time clamping, multi-surface processing: There will be no interference during processing, one-time clamping can complete the processing, and avoid repeated positioning errors caused by multiple clamping. Not only the time is shortened, but also the large cost of the tooling and fixtures required when installing the workpiece has been saved.

②Reduce equipment investment cost: reduce the workshop area and the number of workshops. One set of five-axis has various processes such as turning, milling, drilling, and grinding. Engineering-intensive production only needs to wait for the debugging time in the early stage, and the programming can be completed only by importing the blank data, which can also greatly shorten the preparation in the early stage.

Headlight mold Figure.jpg

Five-axis machining has higher precision

①Processing of deep cavity molds

When machining deep cavities, the three-axis machining center must lengthen the tool holder and the tool, but the five-axis machining center can shorten the tool length appropriately through the additional rotation and swing of the workpiece or the spindle head, thereby preventing the tool from being the same as the tool holder and the shape. The occurrence of collision between the cavity walls reduces the vibration and damage of the tool during processing, prolongs the service life of the tool, and greatly improves the surface quality and processing efficiency of the mold.

②Processing of mold side wall

When machining the side wall, the tool length of the three-axis machining center is larger than the depth of the side wall, and the strength of the tool will be significantly reduced if the length of the tool is increased. If the tool length is higher than 3 times the diameter, the quality of the tool will be difficult to guarantee due to the phenomenon of tool letting. The five-axis machining center can use the swing of the spindle or the workpiece to make the tool and the side wall of the mold always in a vertical state, improve the quality of the workpiece and prolong the service life of the tool.

③Mold flat surface processing

When processing a flat surface, the three-axis machining center needs to use a ball cutter to increase the tool path, but the center rotation speed of the ball head cutter is almost zero, and the damage to the tool is greater during mold processing, and the service life will be sharp Decrease, the surface quality will also deteriorate. The application of the five-axis machining center can be processed at a certain angle, increasing the relative linear speed, not only improving the service life of the tool, but also greatly improving the surface quality of the workpiece.

Bumper mold Figure.jpg

Deli’s HCK five-axis mold processing center uses the original German five-axis head and spindle. The machine structure is a double-motor double-screw structure, which is capable of fine mold processing of mold steel, stainless steel and other materials.


Deli Machinery Parts Heavy Duty High Precision High Speed Gantry Machining Center-HCK

2. Body Parts

Lightweight has become the trend of the world’s automobile development. The density of aluminum is about 1/3 of that of steel. Aluminum replaces steel to make cars, which can reduce the weight of the vehicle by 30%~40%. The light body can greatly improve the speed and handling ability of the car. High-strength aluminum alloy can also Bring higher safety performance.


3. Engine part

The car engine is the device that provides power for the car. It is the heart of the car and determines the power, economy, stability and environmental protection of the car. Take the engine impeller as an example. It is the core component of the suffix “T” in the displacement of the car. Its function is to rotate at a high speed, and to inject air into the engine cylinder to make the engine generate more power.

engine impeller.jpg

The cylinder block is the shell and assembly base of the engine. It is generally made of high-quality alloy cast iron or aluminum alloy. The cylinder wall should have effective high machining accuracy and low surface roughness.

engine cylinder.jpg

Due to the large amount of processing and the same number of parts that need to be processed, the Italian SKY vertical and horizontal conversion series can divide the processing area according to the structure, and set the rotation angle of the turntable and the angle of the milling head through the system, and perform multiple points in one clamping processing.

Five-axis machine and configuration

The automobile industry is a huge social and economic system engineering. Different from ordinary products, automobile products are a highly comprehensive final product. Italia’s complete five-axis machining series will also help the further development of the automotive industry.

Part Two#Aviation

In the field of aerospace processing, five-axis machining is indispensable from large-scale aircraft shells to core high-strength engine casings.

1. Fuselage and wing parts

The body structure is usually composed of girders, purlins, bulkheads and skins, etc., all of which are large in size, especially the skin has a radian.

Aircraft structure alloy thin-walled profile & upper wing structure.jpg

For workpieces such as wing ribs and bulkheads that require deep digging and a large amount of processing, a large amount of waste will be generated during processing and the processing time for a single piece will be long.

Aircraft Structural Ribs & Aircraft Structural Bulkheads.jpg

2. Internal structure

Structures such as aviation seats and luggage racks in the aircraft require a lot of tapping, boring, milling and other processes.

Aircraft Luggage Compartment & Aircraft Seat Structure.jpg

Deli’s five-axis machining center can automatically change tools during each process, and still maintain high efficiency on the basis of a large number of machining.

3. Engine case

Engine cases are often made from difficult-to-machine raw materials such as titanium alloys and superalloys. Unstable components, long cycle times and difficult materials were all challenges when contour milling engine cases.

Aircraft Engine Case.jpg

Deli adopts high-speed, high-torque, and large-diameter spindles to ensure high-precision machining. The gantry-type double-drive movement is equipped with a multi-station capacity tool magazine to ensure high-efficiency processing of the equipment. The precision of the machine determines the industrial precision of a country, and the progress of CNC machining technology is the only way for my country to transform from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. Five-axis linkage CNC machine tools represent the high level of the world’s machine tool manufacturing industry. Italia Technology has always been at the forefront of high-end five-axis technology. I believe that the future will bring us more innovative technologies and jointly promote industry progress!