• Deli CNC appeared at DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo

    From November 27th to 30th, the DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo and the 24th International Mold, Metal Processing, Plastics and Packaging Exhibition opened grandly today at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall). This exhibition closely follows the industrial hot spots of “high-end machine tools, new [...]
    DELI 28-11-2023 137
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  • Tips for using the Machining Center(3)

    How does the machining center reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece?Rough surface of parts is one of the common problems in CNC machining centers, which directly reflects the processing quality. How to control the surface roughness of parts processed, we must first conduct an in-depth analysis of the causes [...]
    DELI 20-11-2023 167
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  • Tips for using the Machining Center(2)

    How does the machining center produce and process easily deformable parts? Parts with lighter mass, poor rigidity, and weak strength are easily deformed by stress and heat during processing, and the processing scrap rate is high, resulting in a significant increase in costs. For such parts, we must first understand [...]
    DELI 14-11-2023 166
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  • Tips for using the Machining Center : How to set the tool in the machining center?

    The machining center integrates oil, gas, electricity, and CNC. It can clamp all kinds of disks, plates, shells, cams, molds and other complex parts and workpieces at one time, and can complete drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming, etc. It can handle various processes such as rigid tapping, so it is [...]
    DELI 08-11-2023 139
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    DELI CNC was successfully participated in the annual Russian Moscow International Machine Tool and Welding Exhibition. This exhibition is co-organized by the Russian Machine Tool Association and the Expocentre Exhibition Center, and is supported by the Russian State Duma, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Russian Federation [...]
    DELI 27-10-2023 93
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  • Analysis of CNC machine tools

    There are two types of CNC machine tools: one without a tool magazine is called CNC milling, and one with a tool magazine is called CNC machining center. CNC is an automated machine tool equipped with a program control system. The control system can logically process programs with control codes [...]
    DELI 25-10-2023 98
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  • Deli CNC’s Role in New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing

    With the development of lightweight, intelligent, networked and electrified vehicles, new energy vehicles have become the main direction for the transformation and development of the global automobile industry. Various well-known auto brands have continuously launched pure electric vehicles, making every effort to accelerate the layout of the electric vehicle industry. [...]
    DELI 23-09-2022 289
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  • Deli CNC Helps the Epidemic Production War! Increase Production Capacity of Masks

    Today, February 10, 2020, since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, although it has been paid attention to and acted quickly by all parts of the country, the epidemic situation this time is still not optimistic. As of today, there have been 40,239 confirmed cases in the [...]
    DELI 23-09-2022 283
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  • The Innovation Center Working Group Visited the Shareholder Company Deli CNC

    On February 15, 2021, General Manager Zhou Hua of the Innovation Center led a team to the last stop of the shareholder company. Guangzhou Deli CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Deli CNC”) in Renhe Town, Baiyun District conducted a visit and research . Working group members Pei [...]
    DELI 23-09-2022 289
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  • Guangzhou Deli CNC, A Caring Enterprise of China’s Civil Construction, Donated Anti-epidemic Materials in Baiyun District

    Unite together to overcome the difficulties. Guangzhou Deli CNC, a caring enterprise of civil construction. Donate materials to help epidemic prevention work. On April 25th, Guangzhou Deli Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd., a caring enterprise of China’s civil construction, donated anti-epidemic materials to the Renhe Town Government of Baiyun District, [...]
    DELI 23-09-2022 312
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