Aluminum Curtain Wall Interface Saw LP-718


    Aluminum Curtain Wall Interface Saw LP-718


    1. Mainly used for end interface processing of industrial profiles and curtain wall profiles.

    2. The two saw blades can be used for 0-180° swing angle, using the turntable swing angle, and the angle is precise.

    3. The saw blade can be adjusted up and down, forward and backward, and the saw blade can be manually swung with a digital display.

    4. The precision direct-coupled sawing motor is used to effectively control the vibration of the saw blade to ensure high-precision cutting requirements

    5. The cutting mechanism of this machine adopts the latest ball screw plus frequency conversion motor drive design, and the feed speed can be adjusted flexibly.

    6. Completely solve the crawling problem of the old air-hydraulic cylinder transmission after a period of use, stable, reliable, durable, and extremely low maintenance costs.



    Saw blade motor power 2*3kw
    Saw blade motor speed 2865r/min
    Cutting (width X height) 450*200mm (90°)
    Saw blade diameter Φ 500mm X1 Φ 600mm X1
    Two groups of saw blades can rotate angle 0°~180°
    Working air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
    Working voltage 380V 50Hz
    Dimensions 4850mm*1200mm*1820mm
    Weight 1600kg