Double Head Sawing Machines

A double head sawing machine is a type of sawing machine mainly used to cut industrial aluminum profiles. It is called double head sawing machine because it has two saw blades that can cut through material at the same time, making it an efficient tool for cutting large quantities of material quickly. The blades of double head saws are usually mounted on a pivoting arm, which allows them to move horizontally and vertically to cut material at various angles and shapes. Double head saws are commonly used in the construction, metalworking, and manufacturing industries for cutting materials with high precision and high speed.


    Automatic Feeding Precision Cutting Saw LP-800A

    The table is equipped with servo and ball screw precision control to solve the problem of tailing waste.

    Automatic Feeding Precision Sawing Machine LP-800B

    The length is positioned by servo + ball screw, and the size is accurate.

    CNC Curtain Wall Interface Cutting Saw LP-718A

    The two saw blades can be used for +45° swing angle, and the closed-loop CNC swing angle design is adopted.

    Heavy Duty Group Angle Machine LP-300A

    Mainly used for the group corners of various heat-insulating profiles, curtain wall materials, and door and window materials.

    Large CNC Arbitrary Angle Double Head Saw LP-900G

    This machine is suitable for any angle cutting of various super-large aluminum alloy profiles.

    Large Seven-Axis Compound Angle Double Head Saw LP-F900

    It is mainly used for composite corner cutting and multi-angle cutting of industrial profiles and aluminum curtain wall materials.

    Precision CNC Any Angle Double Head Cutting Saw LP-900A-650

    Imported precision reducer, rack and pinion, and servo control are used to ensure accurate feeding size and durability.

    Rotary Pendulum CNC Double Head Saw LP-900D-450

    The cutting mechanism of the saw blade is vertically lifted and guided by the precision linear guide rail, and the cutting straightness is high.

    Swing Out CNC Double Head Saw LP-900B-550

    Equipped with a manual roller support frame, which can effectively prevent the material from sagging and falling.