The Car Industry

With the development of lightweight, intelligent, networked and electrified vehicles, new energy vehicles have become the main direction for the transformation and development of the global automobile industry. Various well-known auto brands have continuously launched pure electric vehicles, making every effort to accelerate the layout of the electric vehicle industry.

The development of the automobile industry, the increase in the production of automobiles, and the increase in the number of automobiles have brought about three major problems: fuel consumption, environmental protection and safety. In response to these three major problems, various countries have formulated corresponding regulations to make people pay more attention to the lightweight of automobiles.

According to statistics, for every 100 kg reduction in vehicle weight, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by about 5 grams per kilometer. It can be seen that the lightweight of automobiles is of great significance to energy conservation and consumption reduction.

The Car Industry

The Car Industry

New energy vehicle lightweight technology has become a key development direction.

New energy vehicle aluminum castings are all composed of polyhedrons with complex shapes, which require multiple clamping and processing, and generally have low processing efficiency.

In response to this problem, Deli CNC has developed a high-efficiency SCH series three-axis machining center, which is widely used in the deep processing of roof racks, sunroof rails, pedals, bumpers, and new energy vehicle battery trays. Not only can it be competent for mass processing of auto parts, but also fully meet the processing needs of general machinery industries such as aluminum processing industry and bearing industry.

Deli CNC  SCH Series Products-SCH Series Profile Processing Center

Deli CNC SCH series products improve the manufacturing technology of profile equipment, adopt modular design concept, simple industrial appearance and universal design of components, with the characteristics of easy cleaning and maintenance-free, making production organization fast and convenient, effectively reducing production Cost, while shortening the production cycle, to meet the strong needs of customers for efficient production and fast delivery.

The Car Industry

The Car Industry

Scale, automation and intelligence are the inevitable trends in the processing of new energy vehicle structural parts.

The high-speed electric spindle makes the processing capacity of the equipment further expanded and improved. Continuous intelligent and automatic high-speed processing can effectively improve the processing efficiency and processing quality, so that the automotive lithium battery tray has high dimensional accuracy, beautiful appearance, stable structure, light weight and strength. high.

The Car Industry

In the automobile industry, the light weight and high strength of parts play a significant role in saving energy and reducing consumption and improving the safety factor of automobiles.

Aluminum alloys are increasingly used in vehicle bodies because of their good formability, good strength, corrosion resistance, and low cost.

Increasing the amount of aluminum used in automobiles and realizing the lightweight of the body has become an important link in the technological progress of today’s automobile manufacturing industry.

Guangzhou Deli CNC will continue to improve its own R&D and manufacturing strength, aiming to meet the processing needs of different customers, actively adapt to market changes, and jointly promote the process of lightweight automobiles. It is also full of expectations for the future of China’s manufacturing industry and China’s machine tool market.