Heavy Duty CNC Single Head Saw LP-850B


    Heavy Duty CNC Single Head Saw LP-850B


    1. It is mainly used for precise cutting of large industrial aluminum profiles, and the cutting length can be adjusted arbitrarily within a certain range.

    2. Using hard alloy saw blades, the outer diameter can reach up to 650mm, the line speed is high, and the processing precision is high.

    3. This machine adopts imported industrial-grade PLC control system, compact digital display positioning system, and a 5.5kw special direct output motor.

    4. The length adopts high-precision magnetic ruler closed-loop positioning, and the size is accurate.

    5. With a 3-meter digital display positioning frame and a 3-meter supporting frame.

    6. Ball screw servo feeding.



    Cutting length 20-3000mm
    Positioning stroke 3000mm
    Saw blade angle 90°
    Sawing width × height (b × h) maximum range 460x220 (650mm saw blade)
    Main motor power 5.5 KW
    Main motor speed 2840r/ min
    Saw blade size Φ550~Φ650 (standard Φ600)
    Saw blade feed speed 0-3m/ min
    Saw blade return speed 3-10m/ min
    Working air pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
    Working voltage 380V 50HZ
    Dimensions of the host (length × width × height) 900 × 1843 × 1930mm
    Host weight (approximately) 1380kg