Automatic Feeding Precision Sawing Machine LP-800B


    Automatic Feeding Precision Sawing Machine LP-800B


    1. It is mainly used for 90° precise cutting of industrial aluminum profiles. The cutting width and length can be adjusted arbitrarily within a certain range.

    2. Using hard alloy saw blades, the outer diameter can reach up to 500mm, the line speed is high, and the processing precision is high.

    3. This machine tool adopts imported industrial-grade PLC control system, color touch screen control, and a 4KW special motor.

    4. The length is positioned by servo + ball screw, and the size is accurate.

    5. The table is equipped with servo and ball screw precision control to solve the problem of waste of tailings.

    6. Equipped with 4.5m supporting rack.



    Cutting length 10-470mm
    Sawing width × height (b × h) 350 × 150 (500) mm
    Main motor power 4.0KW
    Main motor speed 2840r/ min
    Saw blade size Φ500×Φ30×120T
    Saw blade feed speed 0-3m/ min
    Saw blade return speed 2-3m/ min
    The longest feeding stroke at one time 470mm (reciprocating sawing is possible)
    Automatic feeding accuracy ‘+0.1mm
    Working air pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
    Working voltage 380V
    Dimensions (L×W×H) 1766×1540×1668mm
    Machine weight (approximately) 800kg