Automatic Feeding Precision Cutting Saw LP-800A


    Automatic Feeding Precision Cutting Saw LP-800A


    1. Mainly use the 90°precise cutting of industrial profiles.

    2. It adopts linear guide rail guidance, cooperates with servo motor, and precision ball screw feeding mechanism. The feeding speed is NC adjusted.

    3. It has a special cutting action. When the cutting tool is finished, the pressing table moves to the left and right sides, so that the cutting surface of the material will not be scratched when the saw blade is retracted, so that the processing surface of the material is smoother.

    4. Adopt imported servo motor, imported ball screw, imported precision linear guide rail feeding mechanism.

    5. Adopt imported industrial-grade PLC control system, color touch screen control, 4kw special motor.

    6. The table is equipped with servo and ball screw precision control to solve the problem of tailing waste.

    7. Equipped with 4.5m supporting rack.



    Sawing up to 190mm, widest 415mm
    Automatic feeding stroke 20-1200mm (reciprocating feeding)
    Automatic feeding accuracy ’+0.1mm
    Automatic feeding accuracy 4.0KW
    Spindle speed 2865r/min
    Feeding servo motor power 1.5KW
    Saw blade size Ø600mmX30X144T
    Saw blade feed speed 0-3m/ min
    Saw blade return speed 2-3m/ min
    Working air pressure 0.6~0.8mpa
    Working voltage 380V 50Hz
    Dimensions (main unit length X width X height) 4000×1600×1600 mm
    Weight 2800kg